I (33F) will not give my husband (33M) gift cards.

Well, you won't believe what transpired the other day. I was sitting at home taking it easy when my husband suddenly appeared and started talking about wanting to give me the gift cards that I had won. Hold up, you're trippin', I say. I won those gift cards fairly and squarely, and now he wants to come in and try to grab half of them like it's nothing.

Really, I'm not trying to be stingy or anything, but can't you just feel me? I entered all those sweepstakes and worked hard to win those gift cards, so why should I have to give them to him? Why does he suddenly believe he is entitled to them when he hasn't done anything to earn them? I'm not feeling it, folks.

Please understand that while I adore my spouse, he needs to learn to respect my boundaries. You feel me? I'm not going to let someone walk all over me and take what is properly mine. He acts as though he is entitled to everything I have since we are married, but that isn't how things operate in our home. It's essential that we respect one other's property and maintain certain boundaries.

I informed him up front that he couldn't have my gift cards. I'm keeping them, I won them. He said, "But, honey, we share everything. Why not this as well?" And I'm like, no, this is something I earned and I'm not giving it up; it's not like sharing a dish of fried chicken.

He became irritable and puffed up, complaining about how selfish I was and other things. I'm not trying to hear all that noise, though. Nobody is going to take it away from me because I know how much I'm worth and what I deserve. I've worked hard for what I have, and I won't put up with that kind of disrespect.

Now, some people would think that because I didn't share the gift cards with my husband, I'm being petty or selfish. However, what's the deal? It doesn't matter what other people think. I have to tell him that I'm not playing games and I have to stand up for myself. There's no getting around the fact that he needs to learn to respect me and my possessions.

Ultimately, I will not be sharing gift cards with my husband, and that much is certain. He needs to learn to respect my limits, my labor, and not try to grab things that aren't rightfully his. I'm entitled to relish the results of my hard work, and no one is going to deny me that. I apologize, but those gift cards belong to me and me alone.

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