Describe the worst gift you could offer a person with ADHD. Let me begin: Present Cards

GIFT CARDS are nothing more than a curse for an ADHD sufferer. Giving those people a gift card, in my opinion, merely makes things more chaotic because they already have too much on their minds. They simply won't be able to concentrate long enough to choose what they want, or they won't remember to utilize it or lose it. It's like giving a bicycle to a fish—it just doesn't make sense.

Now, this is not to imply that gift cards are never a good idea. For some people, they could be a really useful gift. For those with ADHD, however, it's akin to feeding a gremlin after midnight—it's bound to get messy. They require something more substantial, more observable, more...well, more.

Perhaps you could give them something that would help them focus instead of a gift card. similar to a stress ball or fidget toy. Or perhaps a planner to assist them in remembering their appointments and due dates. You could even get them some noise-canceling headphones to help them tune out all the outside sounds.

However, avoid giving them a gift card at all costs. It's going to end in tears, exactly like when you give a cat a bath. And who has the time for that?

The next time you have to buy a gift for someone who has ADHD, consider carefully what they actually need. Perhaps you need some quiet time, some structure, or simply a good, old-fashioned embrace. However, one thing is for certain: that isn't a gift card.

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