Would you improve this configuration if you had $2400 in Amazon gift cards? Due to a corporate policy, my supervisor chose to give me gift cards in lieu of cash as compensation for my rise.

You won't believe what occurred to me the other day, let me tell you. My supervisor went ahead and gave me $2400 in Amazon gift cards as compensation for the raise I was due. Although I believe it to be an odd policy of the corporation, I'm not complaining. I need to figure out how to use all those gift cards to update my system. With that type of wealth, I'm about to make some serious changes, I tell you!

First things first, I think I should get a new computer. It's obvious that this outdated approach isn't working anymore. I believe I could purchase a high-end desktop PC with all the extra bells and whistles with all those gift cards. Perhaps a stylish new monitor to go with it as well.

My working area has to be upgraded, I think. It's useless to have a brand-new PC without matching desk and chair. I believe I can update the furniture and d├ęcor in my business with their gift cards. To spice things up, you could even get me a gorgeous new rug or some artwork.

I am also not forgetting about my peripherals at this point. I believe I can get a new keyboard and mouse with their gift cards. For me to get the most out of my setup, I might even get a nice mouse pad or new speakers. Heaven knows, a decent set of accessories may truly help.

I believe I should improve my storage conditions as well. I believe I could purchase a high-end external hard drive or a network attached storage system (NAS) with all those gift cards. Having too much storage space is always a problem for me, especially with all the papers and images I have lying around.

I'm not going to use all of those gift cards for work-related purchases now. I think I can treat myself to a couple of really good new video games. After all that effort, I deserve to have a little pleasure, I swear to God. Get me a new headset so I can play video games online with my friends.

I believe I also need to improve my internet connectivity. As I try to work from home, my connection isn't the finest all the time, Lord knows. I believe I could acquire a new router for greater coverage or maybe upgrade to a faster internet plan with all those gift cards. God is aware of how important a strong internet connection is to a successful workday.

I am also not forgetting about my comfort at this point. I believe I can acquire a standing desk for when I need to stretch my legs or a nice new office chair using their gift cards. I swear to God that having a comfy workspace increases my productivity.

I believe I need update my software as well. I believe I could purchase a high-end productivity suite or possibly high-end editing software with all those gift cards. Heaven knows, having high-quality software can significantly improve my productivity.

I'm not only going to upgrade my workspace now. If I need to make copies or scan documents, I think I could use their gift cards to get a nice new printer or perhaps a scanner. Heaven knows, having high-quality office supplies can definitely improve my productivity.

With all those gift cards, I think I could really improve my setup quite a bit. A state-of-the-art computer, a chic new desk and chair, some stylish accessories, more storage, a couple of new games, a faster internet connection, a cozy workspace, new software, and an elegant new printer or scanner—I think I can have it all. With all those updates, I'm sure I'll be operating like a well-oiled machine in no time. And all because of the gift cards my boss gave them. That something, aint it?

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